Dread Erev Shabbos? Read this!

Dread Erev Shabbos? Read this!

From Rebbetzin Malki (Twersky) Friedman

Shabbos is called a “matana tova” a wonderful gift. It’s not a bother, not a burden, it’s a gift.
It can be challenging. We work so hard cooking and preparing for Shabbos, and by the end of Shabbos all the food we worked so hard to prepare is gone and the house is a mess again.
But on the deepest spiritual level, that’s not the reality at all. Every Friday night, the Sefer HaCharedim says, angels enter your home and lift your Shabbos table up to the Heavenly sanctuaries, and the angels gather round to see the table you’ve created.
Your hard work for Shabbos isn’t fleeting, it leaves a lasting impact in the Heavenly realms where angels dwell. For all eternity.

Rebbetzin Malki (Twersky) Friedman is the rebbetzin of the Hornosteipel community of Beitar Illit.

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