The Dream I Dreamt About a Movie Theater

The Dream I Dreamt About a Movie Theater

Thursday night I woke up around 4 AM worrying about one of my kids. So I sat down in the living room, drank a cup of tea, ate a bowl of oatmeal, and had a real conversation with Hashem, for the first time in a while. A one-sided conversation, I guess.
Around 5, I went back to bed. And this is the dream I dreamt:
I was sitting with the child I’m worried about watching a movie at a movie theater, and then this ominous music started playing in the background. “Oh no!” I whispered to my child, “this is a scary movie! I hate scary movies! Let’s get out of here!” So we started walking towards the exit, hoping we’d find a movie we’d like better playing in one of the other theaters. but then this tough usher squeezed my upper arm, hard. And she said, border-patrol don’t-mess-with-me firm: “You are NOT ALLOWED to go into a different movie! This is your movie, the only one you have a ticket for!”
But somehow that border-patrol usher got distracted and my child and I were able to get out of that theater and sneak into another one. Relieved, we sat down. But that other movie was almost over. And anyway it was a really vapid kids movie. Not suited for us at all.
Most of my dreams, I don’t remember. And almost all the ones I remember, I don’t understand.
But this dream felt like a response to my one-sided 4 AM conversation. This is your movie, Chana Jenny, the only one you have a ticket for.


  1. Love it!!!

  2. Mina Esther Gordon

    The Hebrew word for dream, ‘chalom’,is related to ‘l’hechelim’ to heal. You are not just a helpless spectator in that theater, you are actually the director of the movie.Although your ticket is not refundable or exchangeable, you can control the plot, and you can even decide to ditch the scary music and play a different song.
    And you can bring it to a fairy tale ending…

  3. Mina Esther Gordon

    First you have to tell yourself that your dream was not a portend of the near future or a verdict set by a court. It is but a reflection of your present feelings, and an opportunity to help yourself rewrite the script.
    It seems that you are already aware of the problematic issue that is worrying you, so you already have passed the second step.
    Third step is to daaven to the One Above,as we say in the prayer by birkas cohanim:”Master of the World, I am yours and my dreams are yours.”
    Step Four:Stop imagining a negative outcome. (Remember your precious son’s brilliant riddle? The one with the punchline “stop imagining”!)

  4. Mina Esther Gordon

    The final step is to do something about the problem! You may even find a hint of direction from the dream itself.

    • wow, thank you. this is what I needed to hear! It’s good having a rebbetzin in residence:)

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