3 Tips to Protect Kids from Sexual Abuse (3-Minute Important Video)

3 Tips to Protect Kids from Sexual Abuse (3-Minute Important Video)

I’ve seen a bunch of videos on this topic, and this is the best I’ve seen. It’s a great idea, I think, to watch it together with your kids. I’m definitely planning to:)


  1. Thank you Chana for posting this!!
    The principles taught in this clip are the primary principles taught to children of all ages today. Many schools in Israel across the religious spectrum are incorporating age- and culturally-appropriate workshops/plays/books/discussions etc. to teach kids awareness. The programs provide the children with skills and do not burden them with horrific information.
    In Beit Shemesh the school psychology services have introduced these programs to schools and kindergartens. They have been widely accepted, parents and teachers gain confidence and talk about this topic, and Baruch Hashem children have actually reported using the skills taught. A program for chareidi kindergartners and mechinos has recently been introduced, integrating books donated by Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz.

  2. Is there a video like this in English?

    • I assume there’s something comparable, try looking on youtube (and please share here if you find something worthwhile)

  3. Another important part of this is that children need to have memorized a parent’s cell phone number. Is this day and age of “contact lists” no one knows numbers by heart any more.

  4. What a great video! Best one I’ve seen for highlighting these important points from my Let’s Stay Safe book!

  5. Important to remember that most abuse happens from adults that our children trust and are close with, it also happens after a lot of grooming. ‘Stranger danger’ won’t keep our kids safe.

    • that is true. Though the guidelines about inappropriate touching and no secrets apply to both.

  6. Thanks for these clear guidelines. Is there a video similar to this one with a mother giving the advice instead of a father? Not all children can benefit from this video…

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