When 10 Women Prayed for One Another, and Saw Miracles by Emuna

When 10 Women Prayed for One Another, and Saw Miracles by Emuna

About 2 years ago, I had been trying to get pregnant for a few years and things were not happening. B”H we already had 2 beautiful, healthy children – both born after a notable amount of davening and physical/medical efforts. My youngest was already 3 and I was yearning for our family to grow. I also knew several other women who wanted to get pregnant – who had been married for a number of years without children, or had a child (or children) but were apparently going through secondary infertility.

In the past, I had participated in the Tehillim Artzi initiatives where you get paired with someone else who’s struggling with the same issue as you (parenting, financial health-related, etc.) to say tehillim for each other for 40 days, based on the concept that if you daven for a friend’s salvation, and you yourself face the same issue, you will get answered first (based on the story of Avraham and Avimelech). Each time I participated I noticed certain blessings and changes in my life, even if I hadn’t yet merited to get pregnant again.

So I had the idea to get a group of 10 women together to daven for each other in that same way in order that we all merit to be blessed with a baby.

B”H, we got a group together and said tehillim for each other for 40 days. Just going through the 40 days in-and-of-itself was a powerful experience for everyone involved. Someone even wrote to me afterward to share how, regardless of what the outcome was, she felt changed by the experience.

But what took place afterward was nothing short of miraculous.

One woman, who had been married a number of years with no kids, got pregnant shortly after we started the 40 days. Another 4 participants got pregnant within a week or two after finishing the 40 days. And altogether, 8 women who participated gave birth to healthy babies within a year.

We are organizing additional groups of 10 women to say tehillim for each other starting on the 5th of Adar (Sunday, March 1) and ending on Pesach.

If you are interested in participating in our new group starting next week (or being the coordinator of one of the groups of 10 women) please contact me at jewishmomcom@gmail.com

May Hashem shower upon the participants great blessings this time as He did 2 years ago!


  1. I don’t think the link works, I’ve tried to click several times but it only tries to open Gmail, doesn’t give any way to contact anyone.

  2. This sounds wonderful.
    Is it possible to get more details? How much tehillim was said?
    Was the whole tehillim completed every day or did women just say random tehillim?
    Did each woman Daven for the other nine woman in the group? Or did each woman have one partner to daven for?

    • this from emuna:

      It’s 5 (specific) perakim of tehillim plus a short tefilla every day, mentioning all the names of the participants.
      Every woman davens for the other 9 in the group every day.
      If you miss a day, you make it up with an additional day at the end (as opposed to just saying it twice in one day – it’s 40 DAYS, not 40 times)
      to sign up please write jewishmomcom@gmail.com

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