Charity and Prayer on Purim

Charity and Prayer on Purim

On Purim, “Any person who puts out his hand [to request charity], we give him,” without checking whether he is a worthy recipient or not. And the same is true on Purim on a spiritual level: we pray, and God gives, whether we are worthy or not. It’s interesting that the exact wording of the halacha is “כל הפושט יד נותנים לו,” literally: “Any person who undresses [פושט] his hand [to receive charity], we give him.” On Purim, we undress. We remove all the layers of “clothing” covering up our true selves, all the masks that we hide under 364 days a year. We stand before God, Who sees our souls finally uncovered, vulnerable, yearning, and pure. And He answers.

based on the teaching of Rabbanit Anat Mishnayot


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