After Purim Ends, What Remains?

After Purim Ends, What Remains?

Here’s the full original quotation:
“Purim’s a little bit higher even than Yom Kippur. Why? Because on Purim the same white light of incredible holiness comes down from the highest worlds, but after Purim we don’t make havdalah. That means we don’t separate from the holiness of the day. On Purim, I’ve grown. And after Purim still, I’m different. Within me, I have Mordechai’s ability to stand up for truth, and Esther’s ability to put her life on the line for the Jewish people. I have the ability to return to Hashem and to cause the entire Jewish people to return as well. “Ain Od Milvado,” there’s nothing beside Him, has become a part of me. After Purim we know that in this world, like in the Megila, there are no coincidences. Hashem is hidden in every inch.”


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