The Chinese Tourists Keeping Me Calm Right Now (1-Minute COVID-19 Peptalk)

The Chinese Tourists Keeping Me Calm Right Now (1-Minute COVID-19 Peptalk)

This past Thursday night, after I heard Prime Minister Netanyahu address the nation about the catastrophic threat COVID-19 poses to Israel and the world, I felt frantic for a few hours. And I thought that for the next while I would not be able to sleep at night.
But then I reminded myself, “Think good, and it will be good.”
So I decided to visualize something that filled me with hope, something that, for me, symbolized the blessed end of the COVID-19 crisis.
And this is what I thought of…
You might remember that we have a family business hosting groups of tourists for meals and answering their questions about Judaism and Israel. And, until a month ago, a lot of those groups came from China.
So I closed my eyes and imagined that it’s this coming summer and we are hosting a group of healthy, happy, and mightily relieved tourists from China in our home, toasting the miraculous end of the Coronavirus and the return to business as usual.
And since that night, amazingly, thinking of those Chinese tourists, I’ve been sleeping more soundly than I usually do!
So what positive image could you think of to sleep and feel better? Just in case you don’t also host Chinese tourists, how ’bout this:: COVID-19 evaporates so suddenly that your kids’ schools get to reopen so you get to clean for Pesach in peace!
“Yeah, right!” you say. “Keep dreaming!”
“Yes, JewishMOM” I respond, “right!”
“Keep dreaming!:)”


  1. take it one step higher, chana jenny.

    let us all close our eyes and imagine that Moshiach is here NOW!!!
    who knows what the power of positive JewishMom thinking will do!

  2. Great advice! Melatonin has been putting me to sleep but I’m going to try your thought replacement!

  3. Dani Margolies

    The vision that is calming me i the image of coming out of this stronger as a family unit, having spent so much time in isolation together. My kids feeling happiness and pride to be part of our family. That is my goal for this time period and I’m davening like crazy and putting so much effort into using this time to strengthen our relationships as opposed to the opposite chas veshalom.
    That thought is making me grateful for this opportunity and energized.

  4. Nili Yocheved Rabin Alpern

    Thanks for the tip – I will visualize my oldest son’s bar mitzvah taking place this summer surrounded by our family from the US!

    כן יהי רצון !

    • JewishMom

      That’s a good idea for me too! yoel’s bar mitzvah is supposed to be on may 22-3, but looks like will be canceled and family from north america won’t be able to come.

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