Mom, Dad, and Corona

Mom, Dad, and Corona

My parents are in their late 70s and have chronic health issues. So I was surprised during our weekly Skype call this past Friday that Mom and Dad seemed so calm, upbeat even. In part, I think their mood is a product of the fact that my parents are doctors so they’re pretty immune to the hype and panic that gets under the skin of us, non-medical professionals. They check for updates from the Center for Disease Control, and wash their hands more and go out less. Other than that, they know that this is an infectious disease that will run its course, like all infectious diseases. And that even pandemics end eventually.
But I think there’s something else that’s enabling them to be taking this Corona situation with such remarkable equanimity. My parents have spent almost 8 decades on planet Earth. And that has gifted them with perspective, trial-tested hope.  As my mother puts it and reminds me often: “Sometimes you think the world is coming to an end. But then you wake up the next morning, and what do you know? It’s still here.”


  1. Very nice! They should love in his health till 120!(and give them my number if they need anything)

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