The Best and Worst Part of Quarantine with My Kids

The Best and Worst Part of Quarantine with My Kids

The hardest part of quarantine for me has been having my entire family squished up all together at home.
Too many people, too little space.
Too many zoom classes, too few computers.
Too much noise, too little peace and quiet.
It’s also, surprisingly, been the most wonderful part of quarantine for me.
This Friday morning my husband asked me, “Which kids are home this Shabbat?”
“All of them!… Wait, you’re kidding right?” He nodded.
How sweet is that? Knowing everybody, everybody is finally at home.


  1. Yes I love that part too, and my kids are little! I like knowing they’re all here around me.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Thanx for verbalising them like you so often manage to do even though I don’t manage to comment🙂

  3. Devorah Ash

    Although not in your shoe child-rearing wise, I can so appreciate the memories of those times. Enjoy them, they grow up in a blink of an eye, and your once little boy is now 30 with 4 kids of his own.

  4. what I’m enjoying about the zoom lessons, which is of course a logistical headache, managing 6 different timetables and using whatever screens we have in the house, is that I’m finally on top of what they’re learning in school and can make sure that they get to their lessons on time. I can even sit and help with homework for those who are normally away in yeshiva and don’t do any. This quarantine has been a blessing for my home in many ways. Baruch Hashem.

  5. As a teacher and a mommy fascilitating zoom, shabbos is very nice to have them all together when I can just focus on them ( and catch up on sleep) . Teaching from home is NOT easy!! BH for shabbos

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