From My Heart to My Child’s Teacher and Principal

From My Heart to My Child’s Teacher and Principal

Last Shabbat, I was walking down the main street of our neighborhood when I noticed two elementary school principals in the middle of a heart-to-heart. I truly was not trying to listen in on their conversation, but it was hard not to since one principal was standing on one side of the 2-lane street, and the other principal on the other. Social distancing-plus.
One principal called out to the other: “How are you coping with this long-distance learning?”
And the other called out, in response: “These days, being a principal has become a 24-hour a day job! Seriously!”
And the other just nodded slowly, pursing his lips in understanding.
These two men are responsible for educating over 500 boys (including 2 of my own cuties). And I’ve been reminded of their conversation every time I need to look (again) at my kids’ painstakingly-prepared weekly schedules with links to zoom classes and worksheets and video recordings by their teachers.
I know that for these two rabbis whose conversation I overheard, being a principal is far more than just a job. Both are deeply passionate about their mission to educate the next generation of the Jewish people.
Being with my kids at home has given me a newfound appreciation for men like this, as well as some other things too…
1. The current situation has taught me to appreciate what educators do on a new level. I am seeing for myself how challenging (hitting-my-head-against-the-wall style) it can be to teach new concepts to my little kids. And my kids’ teachers aren’t just sitting with one kid, like I am. They are teaching classrooms full of kids. How do they DO THAT?!
2. It’s also shown me how deeply satisfying it can be to finally figure out how to explain something to a kid, so he or she finally gets it! It’s helped me understand how deeply frustrating as well as satisfying being a gifted educator must be.
3. And it makes me look back again at the education my older kids have received. For better or worse, with rare exceptions, I’ve been extremely hands-off with my kids’ educations. Until now, I’ve almost never sat down and helped my kids with their schoolwork. And now, looking back, I understand how incredible it is that my kids have managed to get through school and learn as much as they have thanks to the excellence and dedication of their teachers and principals. THANK YOU!
I’ve always felt a deep appreciation for my kids’ teachers. And knew that they were doing something I wouldn’t have the patience, skill, or dedication to do.
But this microscopic corona-taste of teaching my own kids has helped upgrade my feeling towards the people who have educated and educate my kids from my aforementioned feelings of deep appreciation to awe.


  1. Well said- I totally agree!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Amen! Our teachers really need our support now- even more than usual

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