Mazal Tov! A Corona Shidduch

Mazal Tov! A Corona Shidduch

Yesterday, the Gruen and Gold families of Ramat Beit Shemesh were excited to announce the engagement of their dear children, Racheli and David Chai, with a banner hung between their porches.

And, it turns out, it was thanks to those same porches and the regular minyans that have been taking place on them on account of social-distancing regulations, that this beautiful shidduch took place.
I guess when families get closed in, then shidduchim get closed too, b”H!:) Mazal tov!


  1. Mazal tov!!!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely news.

  2. JewishMom

    A few people have asked me about the fact that the people in this photo don’t seem to be observing social distancing regulations. I’m thinking that maybe these are the two families standing by their homes on opposite sides of the street, and that would explain why they are so many people close together without masks.

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