Mazal Tov to My Bar Mitzvah Boy, Yoel!

Mazal Tov to My Bar Mitzvah Boy, Yoel!

Today my oldest son, Yoel, became a bar mitzvah. Our families had been planning to come in from America and Canada for the bar mitzvah, but we celebrated with them today on zoom instead and then had a celebratory bar-mitzvah meal for just our immediate family.
Every day of the Omer I read from my favorite book about Sefirat HaOmer, Tnufat HaOmer by Rabbi Meir Gueta (Hebrew). And today, Yoel’s 13th birthday, I read about Netsach she’ba’Netsach,* and I thought what Rabbi Gueta wrote was the perfect blessing for Yoel on this auspicious day when he became a full adult member of the Jewish people:
“The Sefira of Netsach means both ‘eternity’ and ‘victory.’
“The Rambam asked why God blessed Abraham that his offspring would be like the sand. The Jewish people compared to sand? Isn’t that a little insulting?
“But sand is characterized by the fact that the whole world walks on it, tramples it, crushes it, but in the end, it covers everyone…Today if you want to find the Romans, the Greek Empire, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, then you need to go to a museum.
“In the end, the Jewish people has been victorious over all the peoples who once oppressed us on account of our eternity. Eternity has victory.”
So this is my blessing for Yoel, that he should always remember that the most important things in life are the things that connect us with eternity, by binding us with our ancient traditions and Hashem. The eternal gifts granted to the Jewish people that have enabled us to survive when all the other nations that once ruled over us are long gone:
Shabbat. The holidays. Prayer. Mitzvot, Torah. Jewish homes. Jewish families.
The eternal flame of holiness that is more subtle, less eye-catching than the bright flashing lights from outside, but which bind us with Netsach she’ba’Netsach. The victory of eternity.
Mazal tov, Yoel! We love you so much.

*A little Weisberg-family trivia. 4 of my children were born during the 3 weeks between Rosh Chodesh Iyar and Lag BaOmer. And three of them 4 were born on double-sefira days–Yoel on Netsach she’ba’Netsach, Hallel on Tiferet she’ba’Tiferet, and Maayan on Hod she’ba’Hod (AKA Lag BaOmer).


  1. What a beautiful message to give your son on his bar mitzvah day! It is so easy to forget the real purpose of a simcha as we get involved in the logistics. Kol hakavod to you Chana for keeping your focus on what really counts.

  2. Mazal tov Yoel and Weisberg family!!!

  3. Mazal tov! May you see much nachat from Yoel in good health and harchovat hadat!

  4. a very warm mazal tov for yoel and all the family! i have a son the same age and i ve been reading your blog for 10 years so i feel like i know your children! my son also became bar mitsva on the last day before the full closure so we could celebrate with the family from israel though many important members who were supposed to come from europe were not allowed to come . but at least he had s chabat bm in a real shule
    what a strange and also very special bar mitsva it must be now! you are very special and yoel too…i wish him a life full of blessings with a lot of nahat for you the strong parents!

  5. Mazel Tov!!

  6. Mazeltov to Yoel and all the family, including the ones outside Eretz Yisroel. We have a barmitzva coming up in the UK, which we will be missing, but still celebrating from afar.

  7. A very hearty and warm Mazal Tov to Yoel, to all the Weisbergs, and to the ganze mishpocha!! Wishing him a life of joy and brocha. May you have lots of nachat!!!

  8. Mazel tov!

  9. Sarah Batsheva

    Mazal tov!

  10. mazel tov Jenny!
    All boys in my family were born on the first half of Iyar– hubby and both sons. And all the girls and myself were born on other months. (that’s my family trivia)


  12. Mazal tov!! He should be healthy and bring you tremendous nachas!
    (Very cool that they are born on those special dates!)

  13. Vicki Belovski

    Mazal tov, Chana Jenny, Yoel and all the family!

    May you continue to see nachas from your children and celebrate many more simchas together.

  14. Mazel tov!

  15. Chaya Basha

    Mazal tov Yoel and family!!

    Yoel, I think your neshama chose a great mother and wonderful family! May you grow and succeed…. and may you continue to be a source of joy and nachat yehudit to your loved ones and k’lal Yisrael!

  16. Naomi Elbinger

    Big Mazal tov to you and barmy boy!

  17. Elana Mizrahi

    Jenny!!! MAZEL TOV!!!

    You should have yiddishe naches and siyata d’shamaya from Yoel and all your beautiful children.

    much naches and simcha and love,


  18. Devorah

    Mazal Tov on Yoel’s Barmitzva – May you always have nachas from him and all your family and be zoche to always give nachas to the Aibishter 😉

  19. Yocheved Shull

    Mazal tov! May we continue to have simchas! My Gevura shebGvura was bat mitzvahed a few weeks ago on zoom with her family from all different countries. She’s waiting patiently to celebrate with her friends. Certainly a different type of celebration!

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