I’m on the Franciska Show! (38-Minute Podcast)

I’m on the Franciska Show! (38-Minute Podcast)

I think Franciska Kay is a truly gifted interviewer, I loved “meeting” her during the podcast to discuss JewishMOM.com and motherhood in general. Click here to subscribe to her podcast interviews with creative Jewish women.


  1. Hadassah Aber

    I love reading your posts mainly because you are not out to impress anyone and you are not embarrassed to share your feelings of struggle.. It is really wise not to discuss your husband and older children’s issues. I saw this post many times but was only able to get the link to the podcast from the newsletter. Shidduchim are the next area of challenge… I am looking forward to hearing from you about the next level of motherhood and grandmotherhood. ( Just made up a new word!)

    • JewishMom

      I’m also looking forward to getting to that next stage of life, bshaah tova!!

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