Lickety-Split Bar Mitzvah Miracles

Lickety-Split Bar Mitzvah Miracles

Yoel’s lickety-split aliya l’Torah this past Shabbat was beautiful. Yoel read his aliya nicely and we were all so happy to be able to celebrate afterward at a small kiddush with friends and neighbors. In my eyes, on the continuum between boy and man, this Shabbat seems to have moved Yoel a notch man-ward, b”H.
But preparing a Shabbat bar mitzvah in 58 hours, from when we found out late Wednesday night that the shul next door would be allowed to open until Yoel actually read from the Torah Shabbat morning, wasn’t a simple feat for this Jewish Mom.
I had already been feeling run-down before this lickety-split aliya l’Torah marathon. And I knew that there would be things I wouldn’t be able to get to since I had so little time and wasn’t operating on a full tank.
Thursday morning I spent a few hours designing a digital invitation and sending it out. And I spent Thursday afternoon doing a colossal 2-shopping-cart trip at the supermarket. I was feeling faint by the time I reached “cake ingredients” and “treat bags for kids” at the end of my shopping list. I felt sad, guilty even, but I would not be able to take care of those. Maybe I could order a cake and royal-icing cookies from my neighbor who sells? And put one of my kids in charge of buying ready-made treat bags?
I went to sleep as soon as I got home from the supermarket at 6 PM and only woke up at 6 AM Friday morning. In my lickety-split aliya l’Torah fog, I forgot about all my cake, cookie, and treat bags plans.
Then, around noon on Friday, I got a call from my dear friend Chaya. She told me that she had made a cake for Yoel. And she would be sending it over in a taxi.
And a few hours later, her breathtaking cake (see below) arrived. I was almost moved to tears, I felt so grateful and loved. In addition, she had sent along treat bags, and personalized Yoel/tefillin royal-icing cookies made by her daughter!

But that wasn’t the last of our lickety-split aliya l’Torah wonders.
Half an hour before Shabbat started, I realized that I’d forgotten to make rice, so I only had schnitzel to serve for the main course that night! I was exhausted after pushing myself the whole day, and the kitchen was upside down. There was no way I would be making rice…
And then there was a knock on the door. It was my Tehran-born neighbor, Gitty, with a pot full of her delicious Persian rice, with the fried potatoes on the bottom. We wouldn’t only be having rice that night in the end, we would be eating some of the best rice in the world!
I felt then, and again and again over the course of the Shabbat, like Hashem had seen me working so hard to pull everything together to make this aliya l’Torah a special event for Yoel. And on such short notice. And even though I wasn’t feeling well. And even though it was so disappointing that our parents would be missing the bar mitzvah of their oldest grandson. And He was telling me, “Chana’le, My dear daughter, you’ve done enough. I’ll take it from here.”


  1. Wow! chana jenny, you are one Loved Lady!! Hashem Loves You!!
    and the truth is, Hashem loves all of us, and He is constantly making those daily miracles happen for us, but we usually see them as coincidence or luck. No, it’s the loving, guiding hand of Hashem, moving all the pieces of our lives….

    Mazel Tov! May you have much nachas from Yoel and all your children!

  2. Congratulations! We are so happy for you!

  3. Mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!

    So beautiful!!!!!!

  4. Wow, so moving, so beautiful. Mazal Tov Chana Jenny and Yoel!!!

  5. Very moving.
    Take care of yourself x

  6. Wow ChanaJenny, I love stories like these, thank you for sharing!

    • JewishMom

      and thank you for continuing to read them for so very many years!

  7. Rachel F

    Mazal Tov!! Amazing how you got exactly what you needed!

  8. Wow Hashem loves you!! So moving and beautiful.. just the things you needed came to you.. and things of the highest quality for His beloved daughter. Makes us realise how precious you and all Jewish women are, way more than we realise. Mazel tov and wishing you loads of nachas from Yoel and your other children! And thanx for always providing inspirational and moving articles to read!

  9. Mazel Tov!

  10. Beautiful! Mazel Tov! May you continue to savor the awesome joy!

  11. amazing and very moving! Hashem shows you how worthy you are with all you do for am israel for your friends and for your family! mazal tov to Yoel may he bring you only nahas and pride!!
    sorry what does it mean “lickety split?”..i m not english mother tongue😀

  12. mazaltov and well done for pulling it off!

  13. great! i also learn english with you now!

  14. Wow! Mazal tov!

  15. Miriam Meghnagi

    Heartiest Mazel Tov wishes to you and all the family everywhere upon York’s Bar Mitzvah!! Much Yiddishe nachat B’EH from all your children ve Dorot ve Dorot of Yiddishe neshamot B’EH ve shefa brachot ve hatzlacha b’chol inyanim tamid ve rov HAGEFEN tamid B’EH ve rov simachot b’simcha b’karov B’EH!! Love all your stories!!
    Shabbat Shalom Mevurach!!

  16. Beautiful! Mazal tov! May we continue to share simchas and see nissim!

  17. MAZAL TOV!! may Hashem bless you and your family with miracles always!

  18. Mazal tov! This story is such a beautiful reminder that for all our efforts and struggles to do and accomplish really it is Hashem who does everything and provides. One shabbos I really wanted to buy flowers as we were hosting a motzai shabbos event and I thought they’d be nice but before I could get to the flower aisle my toddler started chewing on the raw fish in my cart and I had to check out in a rush before he ate the lot (ew!). When I got home a neighbor brought over some flowers as a belated “welcome to the neighbourhood” apologizing that it was “late”. I assured her the timing was perfect. Just last week I realized I needed a bike helmet for one of my sons then that very afternoon A neighbor dropped one off that was too small for her son.

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