Mom, Are We Having Fun Yet?

Mom, Are We Having Fun Yet?

This past Shabbat, a mother I know confided: “I’ve been feeling down about my life. I always dreamed of becoming a wife and a mother. But I’d always assumed that living the life of my dreams would actually feel good!
I was reminded of that confused mother this morning when I heard the Hornosteipler Rebbetzin say: “Things that are not important come very easily, generally speaking. If you’re doing a mitzvah, and the yetser hara has his fists up and he’s trying to bring you down, then there’s a good chance that what you’re doing is shaking the very essence of the world.”


  1. Yes, and I hope that this mom can find ways to bring more pleasure into her life at this time as we really are here to experience the greatest pleasure possible.

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