Despite My Trouble Du Jour

Despite My Trouble Du Jour


  1. Mina Gordon

    The Amora, Rabbi Yochanan had a daughter. When she got married he told her “May you never step over my threshold again”.
    She was shocked and hurt, but kept silent.
    When she had her first child, her father told her:”May you constantly be saying ‘oy!'”
    At this, the daughter burst into tears. “Father why do you curse me? First you say that you don’t want me to come home, and now you are saying that I should always have troubles!”
    “My dear child, my words were meant as blessings. I was blessing you to have a happy and lasting marriage. I don’t want you to ever have to return to our home as a widow or divorcee.
    And my blessing for you as a new mother, it is normal for parents to constantly be worrying and fussing about their children. May you always have those little worries and no major problems.”

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