Am I a God-Like Giver or a Self-Absorbed Taker?

Am I a God-Like Giver or a Self-Absorbed Taker?

Rabbi Dessler wrote that God created us in order to give constantly, like He does. And that every single thing we do in life is either giving or taking. But it’s not always clear which is which.
And since I read this a few days ago, I’ve been keeping track. And I’ve been struck by how constant giving is part and parcel of a mom’s life
I made lentil soup for dinner=giving
I washed a mountain of dishes (and I didn’t even grumble!)=giving
I brushed my little kids’ teeth, read them a bedtime story, and said Shema=giving
But it’s been interesting for me to see how as a mom, taking can also be giving.
I took time to exercise (so that I can be a healthy mom): taking that is giving
I took time to meditate (so that I can be a centered mom): taking that is giving.
I took time to do something fun (so that I can be a happy mom): taking that is giving.
Finding the correct balance between giving and taking (in order to give, or maybe not?) can be tricky at times, but I love the fact that as moms our default mode of constant giving is also the ultimate God-given aspiration for a human life.


  1. Mina Gordon

    Thank you for giving us something to think about or perhaps to discuss at the Shabbos table!
    I am sure that you have heard that the root of the word Ahavah (love) is hav (give), and Chazal say: More than the calf wants to drink the cow wants to give. (if you were ever engorged,you could relate to that)!

  2. I’d like to recommend a book.
    “Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand” by Laura Doyle

    in which she discusses giving and receiving

    everything she writes is according to Torah and she explains it exceptionally well… this book can be life-changing

    she is not Jewish so Chana Jenny you may decide not to post this – up to you

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