The New Corona Wave and My Wave

The New Corona Wave and My Wave

This morning I was sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, watching the waves and contemplating the new wave of Corona hitting Israel right now, bringing with it renewed restrictions as well as dire warnings of rising infection rates and death tolls.
And then I recited my morning blessings, and when I got to the blessing רוקע הארץ על המים “Blessed are You… Who spreads out the earth upon the waters” I thought of those waves. Coming close but then falling back again, so that land remains land and sea remains sea.
And then, out of nowhere, this wave (in the video) rose up suddenly, and almost, almost reached me and the others sitting near me. But not quite. So too I pray that this new wave of COVID will recede in time, leaving the sea to remain sea and water to remain water and people to remain–happy and healthy and safe.

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  1. AMEIN!
    Beautiful and thought -provoking as usual!!

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