The Widow Who Blamed Herself for her Husband’s Death (3-Minute Rabbi Fischel Schachter Story)

The Widow Who Blamed Herself for her Husband’s Death (3-Minute Rabbi Fischel Schachter Story)

This past Thursday, I ran around for hours, taking care of my kids who are home because of Israel’s nationwide lockdown, and serving as personal waitress to my 10-year-old daughter who is quarantined in her room because her classmate has COVID. And trying to finalize our Rosh Hashana menu and shopping list and sort through a mountain of laundry that was, somehow, mixed clean and dirty.
I felt emotionally and physically exhausted, like I had been trying to climb my way out of quicksand, but kept on slipping back down again.
And the weirdest thing was that instead of feeling proud for all I was doing and how hard I was working, instead, each time I accomplished something I would self-growl: “This would be easy for any other mother, you’re the only one who finds it difficult because you can’t do anything right!”
And then, on the way to my quarantined daughter’s school to pick up her school books for the lockdown, I heard this story from Rabbi Fischel Schachter. And then I listened to it again. And it was like a balm for my aching, guilty, self-flagellating heart.


  1. I admire how hearing a Torah thought instantly uplifts you! This is exactly what I need to hear too. Thanks:). May you and your family and all of Am Yisrael have a shana tova umetuka and gamer chasima tova!!

  2. Everybody has different strengths, weaknesses and life circumstances. We didnt ask for those specific ones and often think we would rather have others. We just have to strive to constantly do our best. Everyone struggles with something. The only one thing we can do is keep on asking Hashem for strength and ability to be the best we can be. Not self-flagellate. Be nice and kind to the nice and kind person you are. Talk to yourself like you would talk to another woman in the same exact position you are in. I personally admire and look up to the inspiring,growing person that you are! Gmar chasima tova!

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