Remembering Shifra Yehudit A”H

Remembering Shifra Yehudit A”H

I moved to a new neighborhood 5 years ago, and whenever I have to visit my old neighborhood, as I did this morning, something happens repeatedly that repeatedly scares me. I see people who’ve, over the last 5 years, grown old. Black hair replaced with gray. Smooth skin replaced with wrinkles. For me, since I haven’t seen them, it feels like these people grew old overnight. But of course, it hasn’t been overnight, it’s been 5 years. I’ve grown older and so have they. But still, seeing these “suddenly” old people fills me with a sense of unease bordering on dread. Like life is slipping through my fingers as quickly as sands through the hourglass.
Then, just right now, I opened the news and found out that a terrible tragedy had taken place. My daughter’s friend and high school classmate, 22-year-old Shifra Yehudit Feierstein, whom I remember as always smiling, so full of life, was found dead in the Jerusalem Forest a few hours ago. I hadn’t seen her since she was an idealistic national-service volunteer at Zichron Menachem, almost 5 years ago. It turns out these past few years hadn’t been easy ones for Shifra Yehudit. If only, if only…she could have grown old too.


  1. Tragic. Baruch Dayan Haemet.

  2. Im sorry to hear such heartbreaking news 🙁

  3. Rachel Espinoza

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes

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