Self Care Tips for Mommy (2-Minute Elana-Mizrahi Video)

Self Care Tips for Mommy (2-Minute Elana-Mizrahi Video)

My friend, Elana Mizrahi, is a source of inspiration for so many moms, including me! This morning I woke up feeling so angry. But then I remembered this video, and did what Elana suggested, and it helped immensely. Go Elana! Sign up to receive her daily inspirational WhatsApps at: 972-53-429-3882


  1. And when you look inwards and you feel you are broken?

    • Elana Mizrahi

      So you remember that this is just a feeling and as unpleasant as this feeling is, it’s just a feeling. It’s not dangerous. One moment we can feel one thing and the next moment we can feel something else.

      Our feelings are not who we are but we do need tools to accept them, channel them, utilize them to be the best that we can be in any situation.

      The reality is that a person isn’t broken, even if they feel that way. People are not dishes, they don’t break nor are we balls that “bounce back”. People fall and they rise and only “angles stand” as they Navi teaches us. We go up, we go down. We are constantly changing, evolving.

      We integrate our pain and our struggles into our story and journey called life . A person doesn’t need “fixing” just integrating, compassion, awareness, and growth.

      I would take a step back and first pray for the will to want to look inside and see your inner beauty, an inner beauty which absolutely 100% exists and is there. Ask Hashem to help you open your eyes to it and to feel it.

      I hope this helps, bzH.

      Kol tov, all the best,


  2. Wow Elana, thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful response. I didn’t expect such a reply and am very grateful. I am going to save it and think it through. It was extremely validating and positive while being real. Thank you.

  3. Tracy Dalton

    Beautiful, thank you.

    I would also add that self care stems from self love, so even if we’re not feeling loving to ourselves, the inverse will work as well. Self care will bring us to self love and so much is born out of that healthy place, like positive self-awareness, seeing the good in ourselves and our worth, healthy boundaries and generally just feeling good. When you say connection, I interpret it as self care ushers in growth in self love, our love for others, and ultimately our love of Hashem.

  4. Both the video and the subsequent reply to the comment are brilliant, empowering, and well articulated! Elana, you are a wise woman!

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