Not Simple

Not Simple

I’ve received so many beautiful, touching condolence notes since Mom passed away earlier this month. But today I received one that moved me to tears, from a neighbor who never even met my mom. In a text message which simultaneously said so little but yet managed to express everything, she wrote:
“שולחת חיבוק. לא פשוט כשאמא הולכת”
“I’m sending you a hug. It’s not simple when Mommy goes away.”


  1. It’s so hard.

    My mom is 55 and is very sick with cancer. It’s so hard! I’m reading everything you’re writing thinking Hashem is preparing me.
    I keep wondering will I forget her face if I’m zoche to live to an old age.

    “It’s not simple when mommy goes away…”

  2. Strong words. Such a message. Thank you for sharing posts, and pictures with us. Just by looking at the pictures, we feel the closeness between your Mom ZL’ and yourself. Mishamayim Tanachamu.

  3. i am happy your are writing and verbalizing all this…it is painful! and only those who have gone through this can really understand…its a nechama for me that we are imas too…like our imas

    Min Hashamayim tenuchamu

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