Yoel’s Apocalyptic Yeshiva-High-School Interview

Yoel’s Apocalyptic Yeshiva-High-School Interview

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that before our first son, Yoel, was even born 13 years ago, we knew which yeshiva high school we wanted him to attend. And yesterday came the moment he (or at least we) had been awaiting since we found out we were expecting our 1st son after 4 daughters: his zoom interview with the rosh yeshiva at 5:30 PM.
But things did not go according to plan. When Yoel, trembing with excitement and nerves, logged in at 5:15
to make sure the camera was working, the rosh yeshiva was already
sitting there waiting for him. It turned out the 5:15 interviewee
hadn’t shown up, so (surprise!) it was Yoel’s turn. So instead of
having 15 minutes to prepare himself, he had 5 flustered minutes during
which he attempted to simultaneously answer the rosh yeshiva’s
questions, get his tigger-bouncy 6-year-old brother to leave the room, and
put up an appropriate background to block out the unmade bed behind
Afterwards, Yoel walked past me in the hallway, crying. I was also upset and disappointed.
But, truthfully, not nearly as much as I would have been a few years ago. Because
Yoel’s not my 1st child to apply to high schools.
I remember the daughter who beat the odds and got into her dream
school, where she ended up being miserable and transferring a year
later to another school that was perfect for her. I remember the
daughter who was rejected by her dream school even though all her best
friends got in, and today those friends have either transferred or
would like to, and my daughter is thriving.
Also, regarding Yoel, I could devastated about his
apocolyptic interview, if I actually believed we know what’s best, but
experience has taught me we don’t. Which is strangely comforting.
Because I know the One deciding what will happen next, watching over and guiding Yoel
through the ups and downs of his personal journey, truly does.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Mina Gordon

    Definitely awesome!! Boruch Hashem. You somehow always end off on perfect balance. ❤️

  3. Ilana Solomon

    It is so hard to watch our children learn those life lessons.

  4. Thank you for articulating this… good to be mindful of, and so true!

  5. Thanks so much Chana Jenny! I needed to hear that. This came at a perfect time as 2 of our kids are transitioning next year into 7th and 9th grade and we are maybe just as nervous alongside with them as they interview. This was a good & important reminder!

    • wow, bhatslacha! I can’t believe you have a 9th grader, I remember when she was born!

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