My Top 10 Influential and Inspirational Teachers

My Top 10 Influential and Inspirational Teachers

I decided to make a list of the teachers who have helped shape who I am. I hope this will enable other moms out there to find them and learn from them as well:)

Rav Shalom Arush: His books Garden of Emuna and Gates of Gratitude revolutionized my approach to life’s challenges and got me safely to the other side of some intense life-tests.

Dina Friedman: I took all of Dina’s classes (some twice!) Her parenting class is highly-recommended, and her Power Series about achieving your dreams is, well, very powerful! I also gained a great deal from her mastery programs.

Mr. Charlie Harary: Along with Rabbi Fischel Schachter (below), Charlie Harary is my teacher of choice when I’m in need of a quick dose of inspiration, emuna, and perspective. So that means I’m listening to him (along with Rabbi Schachter) a great deal! Charlie Harary also tells a lot of highly-entertaining stories from his life, which I love.

Rabbi YY Jacobson: I’m enthralled by all of Rabbi YY’s classes. Every time I hear him talking about the parsha, I’m reminded just how infinitely profound the Torah is. And wow: it’s OURS! I think Rabbi YY is extremely wise about life and relationships and Judaism. He also inspires me in that he’s courageous and undaunted in sharing his own truth.

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi: I’ve known Rabbanit Yemima for over 20 years, first as a dear friend (our 23-year-olds were in nursery school together) and after that, when she started teaching, as a treasured mentor who transformed me into the pumped Jewish Mom and Jewish woman I am today. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that without Rabbanit Yemima, there would be no

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin: I’ve been part of Rabbi Nivin’s life-altering Personal Development Chabura since 2010. He’s provided me with a highly-accessible, and amazingly effective approach to personal change and goal achievement. He also keeps me tied into the spiritual potential of different periods of the Jewish calendar, which has become an extremely important part of my life.

Rabbi Fischel Schachter: I’m cleaning the kitchen (again), or I’m having a long afternoon (or lock down) with the kids (again), and I put on Rabbi Schachter (again) and I’m transported to an uplifted plane where all I want to do is say “Hashem, You put me here, in this situation, what do you want from me now?” He also tells lots of jokes and funny stories, and makes me laugh. My kids call him the “Rav HaMatscheek” the funny rabbi.

Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov: I love her great stories and inspiration for JewishMOMs. She reminds me that what I’m doing in this house with these kids is IMPORTANT!

Rebbetzin Tzivi Tukachinsky: Her year course provides miracle-making tools for moms with kids in need of some tweaking, or even a major overhaul. Her website promises (accurately): “Get a good look at your world and reveal the goodness that was there all along.

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski: A breath of fresh air, common sense, and Jewish wisdom for moms and wives, I love her stories about her parents and her earlier years, which transport me back to a different era of greater struggle as well as (at least for the rebbetzin’s family) clarity. I also love the cute stories she tells about her grandchildren to drive a point home.


  1. Thanks for this list!
    How exactly do you access Rabbis Schacter, Jacobson, Charlie Harary and Miryam Swerdlov i.e. is there a specific website or email list you are on?

  2. Dani Margolies

    Chana Jenny Weisberg – She has an incredible and unique ability to find meaning, beauty and purpose in the everyday life of a Jewish mother. She has inspired me for years and I always look to her for chizzuk and am never left disappointed! Her book One Baby Step at a Time is a definite favorite and I have read it cover to cover many times and will open it randomly to get much needed inspiration and perspective when the going gets tough. She accomplishes this all with much kindness, humility and love for her fellow Jewish Mom.
    Thank you Chana Jenny for being on my top 10!!!

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