One of the Perks of Pesach Cleaning:)

That’s how many kippot were hiding under my kids’ beds.😱
What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found during Pesach cleaning?🧹🧽🥳


  1. I found energy I didn’t think I had

  2. Wow Chaya, thank Gd.

    We are hoping to found the mouse 😉


  3. Mina Gordon

    Found a whole bagel on top of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase!(Someone must’ve been practicing discus throwing for the Olympics).

  4. Nothing exciting yet this year, but favorites of the past: raw onion under my bed, whole granola bar on top of high bookshelf, WHOLE piece of challah found hiding IN the shabbos table in a space in between the table leaves and another part of the table underneath.

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