My Mini-Vacation from Cleaning & Quarantine

My Mini-Vacation from Cleaning & Quarantine

Yesterday I fled my Jerusalem-home crowded with quarantining kids in order to enjoy some healing peace and quiet in Mitspe Ramon, where my daughter Hallel lives.

Sitting this morning by the breathtaking crater, Israel’s equivalent of the Grand Canyon, I thought about the awe I feel when I see the remarkable adults my older kids have grown into. It feels impossible, supernatural. Where did these incredible people, with gifts that could not possibly have originated with Josh or me (such as Hallel’s artistic talent) come from?
I’m writing this on the bus home, bracing myself for the messy house and needy quarantined kids awaiting me.
May the memory of my visit with Hallel give me the strength I need to do what needs to get done by Seder night by reminding me that everything important in life, including raising human beings (and making Pesach) is difficult. But unfathomably worthwhile.


  1. Ilana Nelson

    I love this and love the picture of you and your sweet girl. Wishing you and all of us more beautiful moments that remind us of what is most important in life. Chag sameach!

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