Gilad Shalit, Mazal Tov!

Gilad Shalit, Mazal Tov!


It’s been almost a decade since Gilad Shalit was released by Hamas after 5 years in captivity. And now b”H he’s getting married this month to his fiance Nitsan Shabbat. I remember reciting a daily Tehillim for Gilad ben Aviva. It had been years since there had been any sign of life from him, and I remember how saying that daily Tehillim felt, I’m sorry to say, like beating a dead horse. What were the chances Gilad was even alive let alone would ever be set free? May this miraculous wedding invitation serve as a powerful reminder to me and to all those around the world who held Gilad ben Aviva in their hearts during those 5 long years: keep praying, keep believing, never lose hope!


  1. So inspiring.

  2. This just made my day, and brought tears to my eyes. I cried through so many prayers for him and his family and I also feel how incredibly miraculous this beautiful news is. Thank you Hashem!!

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