The Other Weisbergs

The Other Weisbergs

Today was a typical humdrum summer day. And late in the morning I went out to run some humdrum summer errands downtown, to buy some sunblock and fix my phone. At the phone store an elderly woman was engaged in a lengthy consultation with the saleswoman about SIM cards, when they discovered, with excitement, that they live in the same neighborhood. “Oh, I know your building,” the great-grandmother chimed. “You are neighbors with the Weisbergs…” but at the mention of my last name (though a different family) both of their faces suddenly dimmed, “How is the father? I haven’t heard any news.” “They say he will recover,” the saleswoman answered, but with noted absence of conviction. “And so soon after their mother, aleha hashalom! Those poor, poor children!” I surpressed a shudder. And I was surprised just how instantly those other Weisbergs (may Hashem bless them with comfort and healing) transformed my humdrum morning and my humdrum home full of humdrum healthy family members, and overall humdrum life from a black and white photo into glorious, miraculous technicolor


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  1. BEAUTIFUL, thank G-d!!

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