A Wedding Destroyed and a Life Saved by @Yoel Gold

A Wedding Destroyed and a Life Saved by @Yoel Gold

SUCH a powerful reminder of the power of forgiveness!πŸ€πŸ’Œ


  1. I’m a bit confused about this story: why did the police give them fines and treat them like that if they kept all the Covid restrictions? Because I would have thought in that case it’s the police that acted improperly. In my community many people died and likely the virus spread unnecessarily because of people not keeping the restrictions and I can see why a yeshiva bachur would want to protect people from that. It’s like there is a piece missing here?

    • Early on, everyone was so confused. The restrictions were changing daily. Nobody knew how contagious Covid was. Nobody knew how long the pandemic would last. Should everyone wait forever to get married? How to arrange things? A lot of people panicked. The police overreacted in a big way, the bochur overreacted. All of this could have been solved if the bochur just went over to see what was going on, or if the police had given everyone a warning, or a million other things. Hashem runs the world, and I guess it all had to play out this way. Everyone should have nothing but nachas, and a healthy and happy new year.

      • I hear what you say about the couple. But I don’t think it’s necessarily overreacting to give someone a fine if they truly break the law, especially when it is to do with potential risk to people’s lives, at th beginning of a pandemic where as you say nobody know how contagious it was and how serious as yet. And same for the bachur, he clearly had good intentions. I can’t tell from the story who is right and I don’t think it’s up to me to say, I wasn’t there and don’t know what the situation was at the time. The couple clearly did try and mitigate any damage and the kallah felt upset that her girlfriends were able to have large and clearly way more dangerous weddings without being caught. But I do think the bachur and the police deserve just as much benefit of the doubt and it is possible they were actually in the right. Pikuach nefesh is very important and the COvid restrictions were in place for a very good reason. I’m not sure why they were not given this benefit of the doubt in this video, that would have been appropriate when talking about teshuva and forgiveness. I did find the video inspiring but not because of the forgiveness story because I am unclear if the bachur even needed to ask for it or not (although he seems to think he did). I did see Hashem’s hand in it though. You often get these crazy things happening in Elul and Tishrei to help you put things in perspective and here is a couple who feels their beautiful wedding was ruined and can’t see beyond that (eg that scaling it down may well have saved lives, including some of their family members and having to break it off early, while painful, may have given him a chance to really take care of her and show her he could still make it better while involving people in the mitzvah of 7 brachot. These are things that I would say count way more in life than how beautiful and large your wedding was). So Hashem sends them a bachur who wants to get married, maybe to show them the value of being married and how lucky they are. And then Hashem sends them an accident which she and the baby survive, maybe to help them appreciate life and how they have health and a healthy baby, which is totally not a given either. THAT gave me goosebumps. I hope the couple were helped by that although it isn’t discussed.

    • I thought that the police assumed they had broken the restrictions without checking how many people were actually in attendance. That the police assumed that if there was a wedding going on, the restrictions were being broken, but in this case they weren’t.

  2. I’m sorry, but I really have no sympathy for this story. COVID has killed millions worldwide, and yet many people, particularly in some frum communities do not take it seriously enough. Here in Canada last pesach and for many months after, even close families who did not live in the same house, isolated from each other. Weddings did not happen. Many were postponed up to a year or more, or were held with JUST immediate family in backyards with masks. Obviously if they were issued tickets, they were in violation of the rules. The real miracle here is nobody came down with COVID and serious illness from it. That yeshiva Boucher should be thanked and praised, not β€˜forgiven’.
    Gmar chatima tova to all.

    • It says in the video that the wedding was held with only family. It says that they followed the restrictions. Everyone in Israel knows that the police came down way harder on the charedim than anyone else. Also, the kallah stated that she was cold and they wouldn’t even allow anyone to bring her a sweater. Why??? Extreme overreaction by the police. They should have only nachas from now on. Gmar Chatima tova to kol am israel!

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