I Love/Hate/Feel Guilty about Succot

I Love/Hate/Feel Guilty about Succot

I Love/Hate/Feel Guilty about Succot
Reflections on holiday ambivalence from faraway Tbilisi, Georgia.


  1. Mina Esther Gordon

    Chana-Jenny I love your honest and human approach as well as your search for meaning and resolution of conflict between what seems to be and what should be. You somehow always seem to find the light-switch in the dark!

  2. Wow, this video is straight from Hashem.
    In 2018 we suddenly were thrown into spending sukkos in the hospital with my daughter who was 19 months at the time and was sick with cancer (we found out on chol hamoed 2018).
    This year I’m having a difficult time with cooking for everyone, having everyone home, cleaning, prep, ok I dont need to tell you what needs to be done…
    And I keep telling myself “you’re not in the hospital! You get to cook! You get to sleep in your own bed! You aren’t relying on community and chai lifeline!” But I’m still struggling with this month of holiday prep and feeling guilting that I am not jumping for joy that I get to be home. Now I see I am allowed to feel grateful and overwhelmed at the same time! Lol

    Baruch Hashem

  3. Thank Gd in remission. She is 4 1/2 baruch Hashem

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