What YOU Accomplished this Month

What YOU Accomplished this Month

Tishrei is an amazing, uplifting month, which requires a ton of very hard work from us JewishMOMs. If the Tishrei marathon left feeling fried to a crisp, you are not alone! I love this inspirational song by Naomi Shemer in honor of now: “After the Chagim.”


  1. Hi, I am not able to watch because I don’t have FB, and am really missing being able to see your great content each week… please can you upload to your site in a different way? Thanks and all the best!

  2. i read this, listened to the music and then went on youtube to listen to the whole song. My whole post-chagim adjustment phase has been accompanied by this song. It it literally picking me up from the despair of over-giving and reminding me that I will get back to myself, and it keeps me cheerful while that happens. Thank you so much!

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