After 21 Years of Infertility, a First Time

After 21 Years of Infertility, a First Time
My neighbor Leah became a mom for the first time 3 years ago after 21 years of infertility.
Earlier today I saw Leah walking quickly down the street. but when she saw me she backtracked, gave me a hug, and gushed, “I’m so excited! I have my first parent-teacher conference in Tiferet’s gan! I’m covered with goosebumps, I can’t believe it!”
To be honest, I was about to have one such conference for my own 1st grader and (this 8th time around) anticipating it with the same level of excitement I would a routine dentist appointment (come to think of it, they also come around twice a year…)
But in the end, at that parent-teacher conference for my youngest child, I felt a touch of unexpected sweetness, like that drop of sweetness from a honeysuckle. A drop of Leah’s 21-years of yearning and 3 years of joy overflowing from her to me.

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