A Video I Made about My Mom A”H

A Video I Made about My Mom A”H

I made this little video about my mom talking about motherhood 13 years ago, and today I’m so happy I did. What a treasure, now that she’s gone, to hear the cadence of her voice, to see her emotion as she talks about being a wife and mother and grandmother. To see HER. I especially love the footage of Mom reading a story to my daughters when they were little, all gathered round her on the sofa, hanging on every word. .  .



  1. What a treasure you have this. May your mom’s neshama have an aliyah from all you do.

  2. This is beautiful. May her neshama have an aliya. It made me emotional, we are also approaching my mother’s first yarzeit. I’m living in the US and my mother was buried in Israel. You are living in Israel and your mother is in the US.

    • sorry to hear! i felt a special connection with my mom at the kever, I hope you will feel it as well:)

  3. Thank you for sharing this special video, so touching. Your mother’s love is shining through! May her neshama have an Aliyah. May all inspiration be zcusim for her neshama.

    It hit me that when a Jewish mother has a hard day with her kids, she should listen to this message again, see her deep emotions and tears when talking about the special experience with grandchildren and know that the only way to get there is by raising your children one day at a time and before you know it, ywith Hashem’s help, you too will be there enjoying the fruits of your labor.
    Enjoy the here and now. I one day your child will go out and spread your message to the world, like Chana Jenny is doing so beautifully in her mother’s honor!

    By the way, it’s amazing how you have the same bright smile and beautiful laugh as your mother!! May you be zocha to continue growing and spread light happiness and strength to all.

  4. Nechama Koren

    You have a similar laugh to your mom 🙂 May her Neshama have an alyiah.

  5. Elana Mizrahi

    So special Jenny. b”H. Thank you for sharing her with us. Beautiful

  6. Oh, this is so, so precious! Thank you for putting it together and sharing it, Chana Jenny. Your heart as a mom and as a Jewish mom is influencing many people and will continue to do so B”H. Shows by us the special Jewish mom who raised you is just such a gift! Thank you!

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