Happy Birthday to Me! I’m 50 :)

Happy Birthday to Me! I’m 50 :)

Reflections on what I’ve accomplished in life thus far and a big blessing for YOU on this big birthday for me.


  1. Susan Lapin

    Mazal tov on your birthday and wishing you many more happy and healthy years. This is such a beautiful tribute to mothering. I’m amazed at how many years you have been consistently running this site and I know it has added much to my life and to the lives of so many others. May you have the zchut to continue to add joy and meaning to mothers’ lives.

  2. Umain!! May all blessings be on you too.
    Happy birthday!! Many great years are yet to come.

    May Hashem bless you with happy and healthy years together with your husband till 120 and tons of nachat from all your children.

    Powerful lessons, your merit for inspiring so many mom’s is so great! May you reap the rewards both in this world and in the world to come.

    May you life be filled with health peace and happiness ❤️❤️❤️ thank you we love you and we really appreciate your hard work on behalf if all mom’s.

  3. Chana Jenny, just thank you! 9 years and counting being inspired by you on Jewishmom.com. You’ve been a grounding, inspiring, comforting, faithful companion along the journey of motherhood for me and so many. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  4. mazal tov chana jenny! what a gift from hashem on your birthday trip to the kotel – such a clear message on the amazing mom that you are, and that you help all of us to be. I have followed you since reading your book early in my mothering career. Your inspiring leadership has accompanied me throughout the challenges and growth of motherhood. Thank you. May you be blessed with continued good health and spiritual and material kochot to keep giving to am yisrael, your personal shlichut on this earth.

  5. A beautiful Bracha from your heart! Thank you so much! May you have continued Hatzlocha in all your special work for JewishMom.com and loads of Nachas,and Smachot from your family.

  6. Chanah Jenny blessing you all of the Good!!! Ad 120. Blessing you to continue with all of the Koach, health and life force to continue with your raising your beautiful family and bringing continued leadership and guidance to the Jewish Mommas of the world.

  7. happy birthday, chana Jenny!
    you have been a guiding light to all of us these past years and i know that i have also learned to be proud of my status as a Jewish Mom by following your lead!!
    much love and all the brachos!

  8. Mazal Tov on this big birthday! Have a wonderful birthday and year ahead! Ad meah veesrim in good health and happiness!

  9. AMEN!! And many more to come in good health and joy!

  10. Mazal Tov!! And may HaShem’s blessings continually pour down on you snd from sll sides😄

  11. Mazal Tov!! And may HaShem’s blessings continually pour down on you from all sides😊

  12. Yehudit Sarah

    Mazal Tov on your birthday, Chana Jenny. May Hashem bring you a shefa of brachos and continuing strength and vitality to keep sharing your beautiful, authentic, inspiring messages. To 120 in good health!

  13. Happy birthday! Thank you for continually inspiring us and being an inspiration yourself! Many more happy birthdays in good health!

  14. I first discovered you 15 years ago when I was looking for books on pregnancy. I was living in har nof and devouring up your two books. And then I found your website, it was written inside your book. Happy Birthday, mazal tov! The video made me teary eyed.

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