The Supermarket’s Surprising Delivery

The Supermarket’s Surprising Delivery

[This post is an oldie but goodie from 6 years ago]
Yesterday morning I did a big shopping trip at the supermarket, and then I came home and waited for it to be delivered.

I’ve done many deliveries over the years, and I’ve seen with my own eyes many of the things that can go wrong.

Exploded cottage cheeses.
Shattered grape juice bottles.
Leaky fabric softener.
Missing refrigeration bags.
Receiving the wrong delivery.

But I like this specific grocery store since their delivery service is excellent. Nothing broken. No mix-ups or mishaps.

So I was surprised when, about an hour after I got home, the delivery arrived and I discovered, among my groceries, something I had not bought…10 packages of margarine.

35.5% saturated fat.
7% trans fat.
1440 calories per package.

Not something I want in my fridge or anywhere in the vicinity of the Weisberg home.

I called the supermarket to tell them about the mistake, and they promised to come pick them up by the end of the day. But they didn’t.

So I put the bag outside.
Yesterday I had a really blah afternoon with the kids. Maybe cause it was raining all afternoon so we were cooped up together in the house from 2 PM until, like, forever.

The funny thing is that today I was telling my husband about yesterday. How 3-year-old Yaakov got really excited when he saw the yellow grapefruit Josh had brought home from the shuk and picked it up and declared: “A melon!”

And then, I told Josh, Yaakov cut it up that sour sour grapefruit with a butter knife and ate the entire thing with a ton of gusto. Since, you know, he loves melon!

And then I asked the kids if this year they had already seen a blossoming almond tree, a Shakedia Porachat, just like in the Tu b’Shvat song. Tsofia said that she had, but Yaakov insisted that he hadn’t seen even one “Shakedia Borachat” yet. “You didn’t see a what?” I asked him. He had not yet seen a “Shakedia Borachat, an almond tree that runs away.”

Telling these stories, my afternoon sounded so adorable and dreamy quality-time-ish, rather than the blah, grouchy, interminable span of time it actually felt like.

And I thought of that margarine. How it had come uninvited, and how I’d removed it from my home.

And I thought how much I would like to make the same choices about what I keep in my heart as well.

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