Jonathan Pollard’s Heartbreaking Eulogy for his Wife, Esther A”H

Jonathan Pollard’s Heartbreaking Eulogy for his Wife, Esther A”H
Earlier today Esther Pollard, who dedicated decades to fighting for her husband’s release from prison, and then battled breast cancer in her final years, died from complications of COVID-19 at the age of 68 with her husband at her side.
Here is what the Jerusalem Post posted today after her passing:”Born in Toronto as Elaine Zeitz, she devoted her life to bringing about the freedom of her husband. She met Jonathan Pollard on an Israel trip when they were teenagers. When she heard he was arrested, she started writing him letters, which he credited with keeping him going during his worst years in prison.
They were married in 1993, but never permitted more than visits in the prison until his release in 2015. Since then, Jonathan had been taking care of Esther, helping her fight her cancer.
Jonathan and Esther Pollard moved to Israel a year ago after his parole restrictions that prevented him from leaving New York were removed.
The former US Navy intelligence analyst was sentenced to life imprisonment and served a 30-year term for passing classified information to Israel.
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he was sad to hear about the passing of Esther, who he called a “dedicated and loving wife to Jonathan.” Bennett said that together, the Pollards became a symbol of strength, determination and faith.”
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who had countless highly charged meetings with Esther over the years, said that he and his wife Sara were grieving her loss.
“Esther displayed unending determination over many long years to bring about Jonathan’s release,” Netanyahu said. “I promised her in our meetings that I would bring Jonathan home. Even when her health was suffering she continued her relentless fight for her husband, did not concede and did not stop dreaming.”
Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that “she constantly displayed her devotion in fighting for her husband’s release and her love of the State of Israel.”
MK Orit Struck (Religious Zionist Party) said Esther was “larger than life” and said, “her love and determination penetrated the prison walls and returned her husband to life.”
Rabbi Pesach Lerner, who served as the rabbi of the Pollards and accompanied them for 30 years, said Jonathan found a special woman, a woman of valor, who dedicated her life to him.
“The heart of us all is broken at the bitter news,” the rabbi said. “I can say with certainty that Jonathan is alive today only thanks to the love and support Esther has given him. Jonathan is free today thanks to the relentless efforts that Esther has devoted to him. This is a real soldier’s wife.”


  1. What an amazing woman!

  2. Some of the comments here were moving, some did not do justice. But actually, I saw the headline and wanted to read the eulogy of Jonathan Pollard. Will you be able to attach the right text? I assume I’m not the only one interested. Yashar Koach! May we merit the geulah and true unity and peace among us.

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