War in the Ukraine

War in the Ukraine

From One Extreme: My 2 Visits to the Ukraine
Reflections on 2 visits 30 years apart and the current invasion. Shabbat shalom!


  1. Mina Esther Gordon

    This talk is so uplifting and inspiring! Yes we have The One Master of the. World to hold onto!!

  2. The last bit about the Rock that we have as the Jewish People is the ‘talk’ I wish I had with my pre-teen at bedtime tonight who expressed fear about the goings on in the Ukraine right now. I will schedule this talk for tomorrow night ;). Thank you!

  3. Yes people from Odessa are very funny. Thank Gd I received that gift from my parents who are from Odessa (husband too). That humor has gotten me through difficult times. My grandfather was a host of a comedy club in Odessa when it was part of the Soviet union. This is all just surreal, this doesn’t happen in 2022…

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