Would You Give Your Car to a Stranger?

Would You Give Your Car to a Stranger?

The Shlesinger family from Alon Shvut was vacationing in Northern Israel. Their 28-year old son, Elisha, was driving up to be with them for Shabbat. He needed to refuel, but kept missing the turn offs as he sped toward his destination. After passing five gas stations, he finally decided to pull into the next one. He looked at his watch. It was 3 hours before Shabbat, and he was an hour from his destination. All in all, the timing was good.

As he filled his car, he noticed a woman with children standing next to their car, noticeably upset. He approached her and asked if he could help.

“I accidentally filled my car with diesel fuel instead of regular, and now it won’t start!”

Elisha listened to her predicament, and furrowed his brow. There was no way to remove the fuel. It needed professional attention and there were no mechanics on duty at the station.

“Where were you headed?” he asked the woman.

“To Alei Zahav in the Shomron,” she said, anxiety filling her voice.

Elisha knew exactly where that was … almost 3 hours away, and there were only 3 hours till Shabbat! She clearly needed to get there, but how? No wonder she was frantic. It seemed impossible.

But not to Elisha. He didn’t think twice, he held out his car keys to the astounded woman.

“Here, take my keys and start driving to Alei Zahav! I filled up so you have plenty of gas. You’ll just make it in time! Here’s my cell phone number. Let’s be in touch after Shabbat and we can figure out how to get the car back to me.”

The woman was flabbergasted. A young man, a total stranger, giving her his car?!

She thanked him profusely and took off for Alei Zahav. Meanwhile, Elisha called his father and explained the situation. His father promptly came to pick him up, and everyone made it to their respective destinations in time for Shabbat.

On Sunday, the woman returned with the car. She met Elisha’s mother and told her how amazed she was by Elisha’s kindness and generosity. Elisha’s mother beamed with pride in her son’s gracious nature.

“How can I thank him? What present can I give him?” asked the woman.

“He doesn’t need presents; he needs a wife!” Elisha’s mother exclaimed.

When the woman got home she wrote up the encounter and posted it on Facebook, adding that Elisha was seeking a wife. Ideas came pouring in. One of the first suggestions was a woman named Naomi. I am happy to tell you that with God’s help, Naomi and Elisha recently married!

Think about it: Two people taking a trip on an ordinary Friday afternoon happen to bump into each other at a random gas station in the north of Israel. Both display great acts of kindness—Elisha’s selflessness to help a woman in distress results in her tremendous act of kindness in finding him a life partner.

Not an ordinary Friday afternoon after all. Someone Above is watching, helping, and moving the pieces on the chessboard.

Source: I heard this from Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon, the rabbi who officiated the wedding.

By Shlomo Horwitz

📷 The wedding of Elisha and Naomi Shlesinger

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  1. This sounds like a gender reversal of Rivka at the well story. Not exactly, but similar along those lines.

  2. Thank you! It is so helpful to share this now.

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