Making Pesach Prep Easier: A Conversation with Debra David

Making Pesach Prep Easier: A Conversation with Debra David

Step by Step to Easier Pesach Prep: A Conversation with Debra David
Life coach Debra David provides practical time-management tips to bring the potentially overwhelming task of preparing your home for Pesach down to size.
Debra David is a Time Management Coach, helping women manage and organize their time, scheduling and planning their hectic schedules. Her passion is in helping mothers create calm in their lives in order to be the best wives and mothers for their families. Debra, who grew up in New Jersey, has been living in Jerusalem with her family for the past 16 years.
Anyone interested in receiving templates of Debra’s Pesach-prep lists and chart, or interested in one-on-one coaching can contact her at


  1. It’s so ironic, procrastinated watching these videos because I really didn’t even want to think of getting ready for pacer because of the associated stress, but watching this and the next video truly helped me feel more relaxed and prepared! Thank you Chana Jenny! Wishing you success in your preparation for a meaningful and peaceful Pesach experience!

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