I Know Mother’s Day is Over, But…

I Know Mother’s Day is Over, But…

I saw this today, and loved it and had to post (thank you Sheila from Toronto)!
At this moment I’m able to especially relate to this cartoon’s message since my father will be having minor heart surgery next week (please daven for Matityahu Tuvia ben Esther Tsiporah) and I will be flying to Baltimore to be with him.
The sandwich-generation juggle isn’t easy for anybody, and with 8 kids at home and an elderly widowed father across the ocean, it’s not easy for me either! My mother-in-law, G-d bless her, who is visiting from Canada will be extending her visit so I can take care of my dad with peace of mind.
Which I’m thinking means even a whole staff can’t satisfactorily replace us and what we do for our families; only a mom can really replace a mom.🥰


  1. The perfect validation and support I needed today :).

  2. Rachel F

    Cute cartoon and so true! Refuah Shleima to your father and I will have him in mind when davening. Please let us know how he is doing!
    Also, I admire your commitment to your father and flying in to be with him when he needs you. Nothing like a daughter 🙂

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