What My Dad Taught me in the ICU Today

What My Dad Taught me in the ICU Today

B”H, my father’s surgery on Thursday was successful, and now he needs to spend a few more days recuperating in the hospital before he’s released home.

On Friday, when my brother and I visited my dad in the ICU he was in the middle of getting an ultrasound and making small talk with the young ultrasound technician. I noticed that she was referring to him as “Mr. Freedman” rather than “Dr. Freedman” so I asked her, “Did you know that my father was the Chief of Radiology in this hospital?”
Her mouth fell open. “Wait, you are Dr. Freedman?! I’ve heard all about you from (a name I didn’t recognize).”
“Right, we worked together!”
“She told me about you, how you are such a nice person! I’m so happy your daughter told me. Cause I have a feeling that you wouldn’t have!”
“He wouldn’t have” I agreed.
“I don’t like telling people who work at the hospital,” my dad explained with a bashful smile, “it makes them nervous.”
Most people feel the need to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, to build themselves up in others’ eyes. My Dad’s main concern, on the other hand, is never to bring anybody else down.


  1. I loved this story 🙂

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