I Don’t Know How to Respond to the Massacre of Schoolchildren in Uvalde

I Don’t Know How to Respond to the Massacre of Schoolchildren in Uvalde

19 young children and 2 teachers were slaughtered yesterday in a school classroom. I am shaken up, horrified. I don’t know how to respond to this unthinkable tragedy beyond caring, mourning. Let’s keep the innocent victims in our hearts and their bereft families in our prayers.
When I saw this video by Bentzi Avtzon, I thought of Uvalde, and it made me cry. It felt true.


  1. Nothing at all can make it ok to go into any place, schools, Houses of Worship malls and do something so Horrific. Usually they try to find that the people that do these shootings aren’t well and that’s why they kill. That needs to end in the States and anywhere. You have problems, I’m sorry to hear but you have no right to take others lives. Seeing the pictures of the children, and adults is extremely sad. I hope that many more safety measures will be used now in public areas.

  2. I agree with you, but the root of these murderers are outcasts that people bully and want nothing to do with, and it sounded very apathetic of you to say ” you have problems, sorry to hear”. I’m not saying you in particular are creating shooters like this, but would you be kind to someone with a mental illness? Would you give them the time of day? Think about it.

  3. Actually, legislating for screening those who can buy and carry weapons saves lives. As evidence by countries with tight gun control laws.

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