*Important re This Shabbat!”

*Important re This Shabbat!”

*This Shabbos, Shabbos Chazon (the Shabbos before Tisha b’Av), is the holiest of holy Shabbosim of the year. Again, I repeat — the GREATEST — of the YEAR!*
It is greater than Shabbos Shuva. Greater than Shabbos haGadol. Greater than Shabbos that falls on Rosh Hashana.
The Chozeh of Lublin says that Shabbos Chazon from start to end is an Et Ratzon — an auspicious time for prayers.
On this Shabbos the whole day is filled with mercy and success and yeshuas.
Regarding this Shabbos the Holy Zohar quotes the verse: And I prayed to You at the auspicious time and with great mercy You answered me.
The Chozeh of Lublin says that all the Dinim (Judgements) are sweetened this Shabbos, thereby making an abundance of Yeshuas.
On This Shabbos it is possible to see Yeshuos for Zivugim, Health, Cures for Sicknesses, Parnassa.
To be Sameyech with what you have.
To have Shalom Bayit, and to be Close to Hashem! THIS SHABBOS!
Rabbi Yisrael of Apta, a student of the Baal Shem Tov Z”tzl, wrote that this Greatest Shabbos of all Shabbosim of the Year. On this specific Shabbos, Hashem, Blessed be He, sends down an abundance of salvations!
In addition to the unparalleled holiness of every Shabbos Chazon, when a fast is postponed (as it is this year), all gezerot (decrees) are too postponed and all bad things Ch”v are postponed!
*Now, when the fast is postponed it is even more auspicious! Bad things (Ch”vs) are postponed! Many recite Psalms/Tehilim and Tikkun HaKllali on this Shabbat.*

*It is a Great Shabbat — A Shabbat that has the power to turn everything into joy! A day of joy — unlike the whole year.*
Hashem! May it be Your will, Merciful and Kind, May Your turn Judgement into Mercy and Decrees into Salvation, May You turn Tishba B’Av into a Day of Happiness and Joy!
And send complete speedy healing to all your sick in your Nation — Israel, Amen and Amen

*In the Zchus and memory of Chana Ettel A”H bas R’ Pinchas Eliezer and safety and peace for the residents of Eretz Yisroel

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