Bye Bye Succot🥹🤍

Bye Bye Succot🥹🤍
My husband took this beautiful photo of Hoshana Raba at the Kotel this morning.
I’m going to be sad to close up my Succah later today, more than most years, cause of something I heard earlier this week from Reb. Shira Smiles.
She asked why the Ushpizin (and their wives, according to the Belzer Rebbes) visit us on Succot and not on other holidays.
The answer: because the air of the Succah is heavenly air, so the Ushpizin feel at home there. They can “breathe” there. The Succah is a piece of the World to Come in my back yard.
And while part of me is looking forward to getting back to routine and getting off this cook, clean, eat, repeat merry-go-round, my soul yearns for this home-based Heavenly outpost to stick around all year round.
Chag Sameach💕✡️


  1. that is such a beautiful thought! thank you!
    btw, is there a clip or article expounding on the Belzer Rebbe’s idea that the wives accompany their ushpizin husbands?
    as a side thought: today the Ushpiz is Dovid Hamelech, which wife accompanies him? or do the ALL come?
    if so, gotta make more room….

    • Love it! And love Tamar’s comment too! 🙂

    • shira smiles mentioned it in her class on ushpizin from a few years ago, she also mused whether they come with all their wives (for david hamelech that could get crowded, for example)

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