A Letter to God the Day After Simchat Torah

A Letter to God the Day After Simchat Torah
Dear Hashem,
During the past month I blew a ram’s horn🐏
ate a fish head🐟
swung a chicken around my head🐓
dressed in a suit👔 and sneakers👟
then wore a white robe🥼
prayed and fasted for 25 hours⏱️
built a tent with a bamboo ceiling🎪
and then ate all my meals in it🍽️ (sometimes in the rain)🌂
I spent 3 consecutive days with my in-laws👫
and 3 more with my parents👫
walked around with a palm branch and a citrus fruit🍋
whipped willow branches on the floor🎋
ate roughly 8 lbs of meat🥩
2 lbs of chopped fish🐟
and 3 gallons of soup with noodles and/or Matzo balls🍲
used 7 vacation days without leaving my neighborhood🏡
and spent almost as much time in shul🕍 as I did in my office💼
All I ask of You is: Please let me and my loved ones repeat this process for many years to come🤲

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  1. very cute!

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