First Rain

First Rain

This past Thursday evening we were hosting a group of German tourists, and between the salad and soup courses I went out for a little walk. And then, out of nowhere, I saw lightning. And then thunder. And then more lightning. And then, for the first time since last spring, there was RAIN!!!
So I walked back home, literallly singing in the rain! And when I got home, I told our German guests that something so exciting was happening! Rain! Thunder! Lightning!
And they just stared at me with blank looks. Like how I would look at them if they told me that the sun is shining today.
And I thought how in Israel we lack certain things that people in other countries take for granted.
Like rain. But also like security. Like peace. But this lack makes us appreciate those things so deeply, like a year without terror attacks. Or a year without a war. Or a day with RAIN.
Shavua tov!

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  1. Beautiful! It never ceases to amaze me how excited Israeli kids get over rain. I told my kids how much I used to dread snow in the US (especially rain in the summer!) and they found it so strange – as they find those two things so exciting! I am trying to infuse the adult excitement within me as well and not take this bracha for granted.

    Also, I am wondering – can you once expand in a post about why you host tourists? Also, how do you have the kochot for it? Sounds like a lot of work…cooking, cleaning, etc.

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