Chatan and Kallah Matchmaking at Own Wedding

Chatan and Kallah Matchmaking at Own Wedding

3 cheers to Bnaya and Inbal for this innovative initiative to get their single friends married–to each other!😍
They posted this sign at their recent wedding.
Here’s a translation:
Hey you! Having fun at the wedding?
Think you’ve seen the love of your life at the next table?
We are so glad and are just waiting for the opportunity to match you up!
If you are embarrassed to approach them directly, come to us! Ask, point a finger, say something!
(yes even at the wedding itself)
Remember what they wore, maybe even shoot a few paparazzi photos if you need to.

We would be happy to help and set you up!!
Looking forward to see you again at YOUR wedding 😊


  1. How wonderful!

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