The Classmates that Didn’t Stop Davening for the Weinbergers for 3 Decades

The Classmates that Didn’t Stop Davening for the Weinbergers for 3 Decades
[After I heard the incredible story about Rabbi Fischel and Chaya Gitty Weinberger having their first child after 34 years of marriage (this photo is from the bris for their baby, Alter Yitzchok Eizik) I tried to figure out how to set up an interview with Mrs. Weinberger. So I contacted Ruchy, a long-time reader who is also a Bobover Chassid, hoping that she knows Mrs. Weinberger (I wrote a post about meeting Ruchy last year . Ruchy, it turns out, doesn’t know Mrs. Weinberger personally, but after asking around, she pieced together the incredible story of a community that never gave up on the childless couple in their midst. Here is the wonderful letter Ruchy sent me today]
Dear Chana Jenny, I don’t personally know Mrs. Weinberger, however I spoke with some people to try to find out more. One friend who is the same age as me told me that Mrs. Weinberger was her 3rd grade teacher and she remembers going with the whole class to this teacher’s wedding. We were marveling that since we are 8 years old, this teacher has been praying for children! That’s indeed 34 years!!
Another friend told me that she had been a classmate of Mrs. Weinberger and that she and her classmates continued to support her, never giving up on the possibility of her being zoche to children. She told me that her classmates arranged numerous brochos parties, went to big tzaddikim’s kevarim by bus with the whole class dividing up all of Tehillim. They are overjoyed and are now arranging to send her a Doona baby carriage and photo shoots for the baby’s first year! These classmates have mostly married off their own children already and have been in contact for all these years on her behalf!
My husband told me that the previous Bobover Rebbe, R’ Naftulche Halberstam, said to one of the chassidim many years ago that the Weinbergers will be zoche to be parents. Incidentally, my husband and I waited for our first child for 3 years and R’ Naftulche had twice blessed us that we will be zoche to be parents.
Btw, I just became a Grandma! My daughter-in-law and son had a baby boy! I am now a JewishMom+! I bless klal yisroel to be zoche to nachas and simcha!
Kol Tuv,

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