Mother of boys slain in Terror Strike: They have Become the Sons of the Entire Jewish People by Haim Golditch (Ynet)

Mother of boys slain in Terror Strike: They have Become the Sons of the Entire Jewish People by Haim Golditch (Ynet)

[I hope that each of you will take a look at the Hebrew interview with Dvora Palai (which this article is based on) at Even if you don’t understand Hebrew, this grieving mother’s nobility, inner strength, and astounding trust in Hashem transcends language).
Dvora Palai who lost two sons in the deadly terror attack in Jerusalem on Friday said her sons had been a gift from God.
The grieving mother, who is in her 9th month of pregnancy with her 10th child, requested prayers for the recovery of her husband, Avraham Noach ben Yehudit, who’s condition has taken a turn for the worse and is said to require years-long rehabilitation from his wounds.
Palai said her six-year-old Yaakov had been a sweet child who was always giving. Of her eight-year-old Asher, who was born on Tisha b’Av, she said the family always joked that he would be the Moshiach.
The boys were among the three people struck down in the car-ramming attack in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood perpetrated by Hussein Karakah – a 31-year-old resident of East Jerusalem, who was killed at the scene by an off-duty police officer.
“I feel that our tragedy is shared by all the people of Israel,” Dvora Palai said. “I sense the empathy and the outpouring of concern from everyone. It is like the two children taken from us belonged to the entire Jewish nation and that helps me cope,” she said.
“My sons were killed because they were Jews by a terrorist and died al Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying God’s name. We only hope that they will not have died in vain,” she said, asking for prayers for her husband.
“The boys liked to study and would go to the synagogue with their dad,” she said. “Now they are up there together, inseparable in death as they were in life,” she said.
|When asked where she gets the strength to deal with such a devastating loss she said, “We were raised to believe in the Creator of the Universe and that He decides,” she said. “We do not seek revenge,” she concluded.

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  1. I’m just at awe of this amazing woman. I have not seen anyone with so much faith and ability to speak so clearly and eloquently while suffering so much! It is sad that Am Yisrael has gotten to known her through tragedy, but nonetheless it is inspiring. May Avraham Noach ben Yehudit have a refuah shlemah and may Devorah give birth bshaah tova to a fully healthy baby who should be a source of nechama and simcha to the family.

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