My Morning Amongst the Popping Poppies

My Morning Amongst the Popping Poppies
Last night I got a whopper of a disappointment regarding something I’ve been davening for for years. I thought this something was finally about to happen, but last night I found out that it’s actually not.
This morning, I was feeling really upset. And I decided I wasn’t going to do what I usually do: try to find the silver lining around the cloud raining on my parade, or remind myself of the bursting multitude of blessings that do fill my life.
No, not today. Today, I was just going to let myself cry and feel angry and depressed for the entire, miserable day that Hashem, by letting me down so terribly, was inflicting upon me.
And then Josh and I went for a walk in Park Nachal Refaim near the Zoo. The path, like my day, started off yuck. But then we headed off the main path and discovered this patch of flowers.
And I realized there’s no need to search for a silver lining when you’re sitting in the middle of a field of flowers this beautiful. Disappointments, even the kind that crush your soul, crumble under the impending, fragrant promise of spring.


  1. I’m so sorry you had a really hard day Chana Jenny, and kol hakavod for letting the beauty of Hashem’s natural world penetrate your sadness. Wishing you a lighter tomorrow. ♥️

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